GitLab: Feature Branch Workflow

Make Your Feature Branch

  1. Clone project:
    • git clone
  2. Create a new branch with your feature:
    • git checkout -b new-feature-branch
  3. Create a file:
    • touch
  4. Update the index using the current content found in the working tree, to prepare the content staged for the next commit:
    • git add
  5. Record changes to the repository:
    • git commit -m "Make some updates on"
  6. Push the branch to GitLab as explained in [2]:
    • git push -u origin new-feature-branch
  7. Find the merge request URL in the prompt:
    • remote: http://gitlab-server/your-username/your-repo-name/merge_requests/...
  8. Open the merge request URL using a web browser

What can you do on the merge request page?

Two useful features for beginners:




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